Using our Library Voices

A Library for All: Access and Democracy

September 11, 2023 Harris County Public Library Season 3 Episode 9
Using our Library Voices
A Library for All: Access and Democracy
Show Notes

It’s September and you know what that means! Cooler weather? Not likely. Fall leaves? Sadly, not in Harris County. Library Card Sign Up Month? You bet! And who are libraries for?
Voting season is looming and along with that questions such as who can vote, how do you register to vote, and how do you report voting issues. Sadina Shawver interviews elections officials, Kyle Cummins and Lynn Mumford, about all your voting questions.
Out in the community, Katelyn Helberg highlights a new HCPL collection at Sunrise Lofts, a housing center for youth aging out of foster care.

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Created by the Podcast Team at the Harris County Public Library.

Podcast Team Members include: Beth Krippel, John Harbaugh, Mary Mink, Lana Sell, Ellen Kaluza, Sadina Shawver, Gisella Parker, Kara Ludwig, Delaney Daly, Jennifer Finch, Katelyn Helberg, Logan Tuttle, Darcy Casavant, Darla Pruitt and Nancy Hu

Original Music created by Bryan Kratish